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Sandra Jacobs


Sandra Jacobs is an artist based in the Netherlands. Her bright spacious studio is located on the

historic Fort Isabella in Vught. 

She participates International Surface Design Shows in New York, Frankfurt and Brussels. 
Her designs are sold worldwide to the industry of Interior Textiles, Wallpaper, Fashion, Ceramics, Stationery, Books and many other purposes.

In this digital world, her hand-painted designs distinguish themselves from the mainstream, keeping a strong indentity. With loose self-confident brushstrokes, her painting style can be described as contemporary with a poetic touch. The line between fine art and illustration is blurrier than the art world acknowledged just a few decades ago, which makes her work even more interesting to discover.

Inspiration is in nature, music, fashion, movies, books, poems, cities, people and the world around her.

Den Bosch Sandra 72 dpi-13
Den Bosch Sandra 72 dpi-30
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